Best time to buy commercial property In Navi Mumbai


For those looking to invest in real estate, commercial property is a better option than residential at this point of time, from the investment perspective. Since prices are under budget, you will get capital appreciation on the property value. These also offer higher rental yields than residential property. Many whole sale markets from south Mumbai have migrated to Navi Mumbai. The location has significant long-term capital value appreciation potential, and well-informed investors are keeping a close eye on Navi Mumbai.

With a stable and promising government at the Centre and the a renewed sense of confidence among the industry, there is expectation that there will be more demand for office space. So, investing in prime commercial property now is a good option. You can get properties at rates cheaper than residential properties and can also earn higher from rental income. So, there is scope for both capital appreciation as well as regular income.

Navi Mumbai is also considered to be the emerging commercial real estate hub, offering enormous employment chances, due to forthcoming International airport, IT & Business centers. With very reasonable rentals, Navi Mumbai is all set to be emerging central business district of India.

Here are a few tips on why it is a good investment now and what you must keep in mind before buying .

Higher yields
In India, the yields in commercial real estate are one of the highest n the world. While yields from residential properties are between 3-4 per cent, in case of commercial properties it is around 8 per cent, and can even go up to as much as 10 per cent in some areas.

 Culture of entrepreneurship
Entrepreneurs who are considering buying commercial real estate for self-use should ensure that the amenities in the project match their business needs.

Amenities in the building
Good amenities such as parking space, backup power supply for lifts, fire safety measures, good quality wiring in the offices for running several computers and so on should be necessary for a business to function.

With the rise of India as an ideal business destination, commercial real estate is a safe bet for investors looking for attractive yields. With the economy set to grow in the coming years, there will be more demand for commercial properties.



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